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In this page you will find answers to Frequently Asked Questions asked by my guests.

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Is rifugio Giussani open all year round?

Rifugio Giussani is closed during winter time.
The opening and closing dates depend on the weather conditions. Opening season goes from mid-June until end of September (indicative).

Could I take a shower?

It is possible to shower (at a cost of € 5,00) as long as water is available.
Giussani has fresh water only thanks to snow-melting.

Do I have to carry a sleeping bag?

Nope – Quilts and blankets are provided, personal liner is required though (available to be purchased at Giussani).

Is booking mandatory?

It is better to book your stay beforehand, otherwise it is recommended to arrive at Rifugio Giussani early in the afternoon to be sure to find available sleeping accommodation.

Are there special rates for Alpine Clubs members?

CAI / DAV  members are entitled to reduced fares at every CAI Refuge. See and Accommodation and Prices for details.

Is it difficult to climb to the top the Rozes from the refuge?

The ascent does not present technical difficulties, but requires sure-footedness on stones and steep terrain. Near the summit, in case of snow it is strongly recommended to have crampons with you. The ascent time from the Giussani refuge is approximately 2 hours.

Is it possible to reach the Giussani by car?

Nope. By car you can reach the Dibona refuge, and from here on foot in about 1.30 hours you will reach the Giussani.

Is it possible to go to Giussani by MTB?

It is allowed up to a few hundred meters from the refuge, up to the end of the dirt road that goes up to Giussani from the Dibona refuge. When the road ends and turns into a path, it is not allowed to ride the MTB. In fact, it should be remembered that the paths for the practice of the cycling must have, in the Veneto Region, the following characteristics:
1. minimum width of the road surface 1.5 metres;
2. maximum slope of 20% calculated on a stretch of 2,5 metres – 10 in length;
3. maintenance of mixed use (pedestrian + cycle path) in safety.
However, it is a matter of walking for a few hundred meters.

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